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Did you know that?

We managed to save these foxes from a fur farm. They were about to be killed and skinned.

Now they live happily in a sanctuary and are an ambassador of this cruel industry. Listen to their story presented in the video.

This is how animals live on fur farms

Deprived of basic needs

Animals raised for fur are sentient animals. They want to live freely, play and explore their surroundings. In this, they are no different than our dogs or cats.

Cramped in cages

They are wild animals that need to roam the big spaces in the wilderness. On fur farms, they are confined in small cages with other animals.

Malnourished and sick

Their only fault is to have beautiful fur and that's the only thing the industry cares for.

They are not treated when they are sick and they suffer their whole lives.

Brutally killed

They are killed when they are still pups, just when they are big enough to have enough fur on them.

Their death is brutal, they are suffocated in gas chambers or electrocuted.

Now is the time that Britain must lead the way in animal protection by banning the sale of fur in the UK.

Let’s make fur history. Together we can make a difference. Sign the petition now.

Petition to ban fur imports

To: Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

I am completely opposed to the immense suffering caused to more than 100 million animals each year in the international fur trade. I support the campaign to ban fur sales in the UK and create a #furfreebritain.

Inflicting cruelty on animals for frivolous fashion is deplorable. We should close our borders to this cruel trade, reflecting the view of more than 80% of Brits who believe that it’s unacceptable to buy and sell animal fur in this country. More and more countries are following the UK’s lead and banning fur farming: banning fur imports sales would once again show the UK as a world leader on animal protection.

Please commit, through not only to retain a UK import ban on cat, dog and seal fur, but also to establish a sales ban to cover the pelts of all animals killed for their fur.

I, undersigned, demand from the UK Government and Parliament to introduce a ban on sale of all fur products.

Thanks for speaking up for the animals!

Your support is the only reason we can save animals and fight this cruelty.

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